BC Indoor Soccer League

General Player Registration 2021/2022


Player Registration

Welcome to the 2021/2022 Player Registration!

If your team is not available when you go to register it means that they did not make team registration in time.  If you still want to play, please make sure to register for the looking for a team list that matches your skill level.


  • We will be implementing the BC vaccine passport as required under current health regulations.  You will be required to upload a copy of your vaccine passport during registration.  If you upload something else you will still be required to submit a copy to the administrator at admin@bcisl.com before you will be permitted to play.  Managers will be informed which players who are not cleared to play. 
    • People who have difficulties uploading your passport can also email the administrator for assistance.
    • Regardless of where a player is in the process, they may not play until they have been cleared by the administrator with a valid vaccine passport so please make sure you give at least a day or two before your game.
  • There is a discount for full-time registration in multiple divisions.
    • With the $10 discount on registration this season the discount for multiple division registration has been reduced.  There will only be a $30 discount when you register in a second division ($130 first / $100 second) 
    • We will not be issuing refunds for people who do not use a code at registration.
    • Please contact the Administrator at admin@bcisl.com to receive a code.  You must have a regular league play registration and a coed team registration in your card for the coupon code to work.
  • Part-time registration is a 10 game pass and is still $85.  The cost to upgrade this to full time will be $65.  We will be implementing a way for players to pay for this upgrade at a later date.  The extra costs for being a part-time player are due to the extra work tracking games played required of the league administrator.
    • A Part-time player in one league does not receive the multiple division discount.
  • Manager discount
    • Please email the Administrator to receive a discount code.
    • The manager discount this season is 50% off of your registration fee.

Payment Methods

You are required to use this system to register to play in the BCISL.  When you go reach the checkout at the end it defaults to credit card payment.  If you do not have a credit card or do not wish to pay online we do provide offline methods.


There will be a couple of opportunities to pay your registration via cash or cheque.  Please watch our website for these office hours or contact the administrator to arrange payment.  Cheques can be sent in to our PO Box but your ID card will not be printed until the cheque is received by the league.


We also accept EFT / E-Transfers.  Please send payment to admin@bcisl.com.  Send a separate email with the password along with the name of the registration(s) you are paying for.


Please direct questions to:

George Kaweesi

League Administrator