BC Indoor Soccer League

General Player Registration


General Player Registration

This registration is for players to register for their teams.  If your team does not appear in the list then your manager has not registered the team or has not arranged for payment of team fees with the league.


The system should allow you to register for up to one gender specific team and up to one coed team.  If you register for both it will automatically discount the second registration.


Player ID cards are making a comeback.  To complete your registration you will be required to upload an appropriate picture for your ID card.  Cards will be printed and provided to team managers.  You may not play until your player card is done so there will no longer be the option of paying and playing on the same day.  We hope to have player cards printed within 48 hours after registration.

Payment Methods

You need to use this system to register.  When you go to checkout at the end it defaults to credit card payment.  If you do not have a credit card or do not wish to pay online we do provide offline methods.


There will be a couple of opportunities to pay your registration via cash or cheque.  Please watch our website for these office hours or contact the administrator to arrange payment.  Cheques can be sent in to our PO Box but your ID card will not be printed until the cheque is received by the league.


We also accept EFT / E-Transfers.  Please send payment to admin@bcisl.com.  Send the password email along with the name of your registration you are paying for.


Please direct questions to:

George Kaweesi

League Administrator